How Do I Get to the Breakfast on July 6?

Directions to Breakfast by car

From Province Lake Golf Course:

Turn left out of PLGC driveway onto Rte 153, heading towards the lake. Lake will be on your right, take first right onto Bonnyman Rd.  Go 1.5 miles then turn right onto Remick Rd.  Go .5 miles, past Province Shores campground.  Bear left as you come closer to the lake again, we are the 5th house on the right.  Rust siding with the garage close to the road.  Davis 112 Remick Road There will be signs up that day at corners.


From the lake:

We are located in the middle of the shore that is directly opposite Rte 153 (right of the Province Shores Camp Ground).  Look for the PLA Breakfast sign (it will look something like the photo below).  Our dock and the docks on either side of ours will be available for use. Nice sandy bottom no rocks to worry about.  Come in slow, there will be help on hand. Let us know if you are staying or there to pick up “take out”.