Province Lake

Province Lake is located in southern Carroll County, New Hampshire. The lake is approximately 968 acres and has a maximum depth of approximately 17 feet so there are no coldwater fish species in the lake. Three towns border the lake: South Parsonsfield, Maine and Wakefield and Effingham, New Hampshire.  We are pleased that we have NO infestation of milfoil or other exotic species.

Mean Depth: 9 feet (2.7 m)
Max Depth: 17 feet (5.2 m)
Max Length: 1.7 miles
Max Width: 1.4 miles
Surface Elevation: 480 feet
Surface Area: 968 acres
-Parsonsfield, ME: 58 acres (6%)
-Wakefield and Effingham, NH: 910 acres (94%)
Perimeter (shoreline): 5.3 miles
Residence Time (Avg time water stays in the lake): 1 year
Average Transparency: 7.2 feet (2.2 m)
Lake Classification: mesotrophic or partially non supporting by NH water quality standards
-Mesotrophic lakes are defined as having medium productivity.  NH DES classifies this
as “partially non supporting” for the elevated levels of phosphorus and chlorophyll-a.
Water Quality Monitoring Began: 1991

Watershed Characteristics:
Major Drainage Basin: Saco River, Saco Bay, ME
Subdrainage Basin: South River to Ossipee River
Drains To: South River
Inlets: Hobbs Brook, several wetlands
Watershed Area: 4,672 acres (7.3 sq. miles)

Province Lake started a Lake Host Program program in 2012 with funding from the Towns of Wakefield and Effingham, NH Lakes, membership donations, and PLA fundraising activities.

Province Lake also has a Weed Watcher Program, but is actively seeking more volunteers to be involved in the program as well as a chair person.

Province Lake Brochure
Province Lake Map