Province Lake

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Province Lake is located in southern Carroll County, New Hampshire. The lake is approximately 968 acres and has a maximum depth of approximately 17 feet so there are no coldwater fish species in the lake. Three towns border the lake: South Parsonsfield, Maine and Wakefield and Effingham, New Hampshire.  We are pleased that we have NO infestation of milfoil or other exotic species.

Mean Depth: 9 feet (2.7 m)
Max Depth: 17 feet (5.2 m)
Max Length: 1.7 miles
Max Width: 1.4 miles
Surface Elevation: 480 feet
Surface Area: 968 acres
-Parsonsfield, ME: 58 acres (6%)
-Wakefield and Effingham, NH: 910 acres (94%)
Perimeter (shoreline): 5.3 miles
Residence Time (Avg time water stays in the lake): 1 year
Average Transparency: 7.2 feet (2.2 m)
Lake Classification: mesotrophic or partially non supporting by NH water quality standards
-Mesotrophic lakes are defined as having medium productivity.  NH DES classifies this
as “partially non supporting” for the elevated levels of phosphorus and chlorophyll-a.
Water Quality Monitoring Began: 1991

Watershed Characteristics:
Major Drainage Basin: Saco River, Saco Bay, ME
Subdrainage Basin: South River to Ossipee River
Drains To: South River
Inlets: Hobbs Brook, several wetlands
Watershed Area: 4,672 acres (7.3 sq. miles)

Province Lake started a Lake Host Program program in 2012 with funding from the Towns of Wakefield and Effingham, NH Lakes, membership donations, and PLA fundraising activities.  This vital program continues to this day, so please be courteous to our inspectors when launching and removing your boat.

Province Lake also has a Weed Watcher Program, but is actively seeking more volunteers to be involved in the program as well as a chair person.

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