Province Lake Watershed Plan Underway!

The Province Lake Watershed Management Plan is underway!  Over the past several months, dedicated PLA members, property owners, state and local officials, and interested parties have joined forces and started the process of analyzing the Province Lake Watershed.

On May 6th, the PLA made this press release.

On May 18th, a watershed survey was conducted with great success!  The PLA partnered with volunteers, Maine DEP, NH DES, and AWWA to identify sites along the shoreline that may have erosion issues or be contributing sediment and nutrients to the lake.

Currently, the PLA is preparing to mail information to the owners of sites that were identified.  These property owners can contact the AWWA Program Manager to receive a free technical assistance visit to see if they do have a problem and how they may be able to fix the problem.

Stay tuned for updates on the Watershed Management Plan as the summer moves forward!

Sunset on Province Lake

Sunset on Province Lake