Hi All,
It’s been a beautiful fall thus far and many of us around the lake are preparing for the upcoming colder months. Here are a few reminders we’d like to share.
1. Our last Rt 153 beach clean up will be next Saturday, Oct 16 at 10.00 am, rain or shine. It should take about an hour. We will meet near the entrance to the Donville Campground on Rte 153. Gloves and trash buckets/bags will be provided. Just bring yourself and the desire to help beautify our lakeshore after a busy fall. 
2. The dam boards at the Bailey Rd bridge will come out right after Columbus/Indigenous People’s Day. The lake level is still relatively high but may lower when the boards are removed.
3. NH Lakes has some great guidance about not putting leaves, leaf litter, cut grass and other ‘natural’ debris into the lake as it degrades water quality. More specific information is at this link
4. There is no nice way to dispatch those pesky mice and rodents that like to invade our homes, particularly during the colder months. It would be best if we don’t use rodent poisons and use some other method (a quick google search will identify a number of methods). We have an abundance of natural rodent predators at the lake (owls, foxes, eagles, hawks, bobcats, racoons) who can be easily poisoned by consuming rodents who have ingested the poison. Please be thoughtful in helping to maintain a safe environment for our wildlife while you winterize.

Thanks,The PLA


The PLA has been asked to share the following information regarding a Wakefield NEW Shore Land Department Proposal sponsored by Chuck Robbins of Wakefield.
The link below is information and an informal survey which will be used by Chuck to determine if a warrant article should be proposed to the Town to ‘create a separate department with people and equipment to combat all Wakefield lakes nutrient loading and erosion problems, as the Town does with all other departments to insure the health and safety of our unique town.’ Resident taxpayers will receive a mailing but Chuck would like input from all Wakefield taxpayers as well. You can submit your questions or response directly to Chuck at or mail your response to him at 271 Walsh Road, Sanbornville, NH 03872.
The PLA is not advocating for or against this proposal but we are sharing it so Wakefield folks can express their opinion and make their own decision on this matter. Thank you for your consideration,

Here is the Link.


Hi all,
The Acton Wakefield Watersheds Alliance (AWWA) and Province Lake Association have successfully applied for and received another New Hampshire 319 Grant to help protect the water quality of Province Lake. Section 319 of the Clean Water Act allows the EPA to grant funds to states and local organizations to maintain clean and healthy water bodies, or address specific water quality issues. As a local organization with a full-time technical staff, AWWA acquires these grants on behalf of local lake associations, and helps to implement projects on the lake.
This 319 grant funds a variety of water quality projects and programs. First, if you are experiencing erosion on your lakefront property, AWWA will conduct a free site visit and develop a landscape plan to address erosion. The grant provides funding for AWWA’s Youth Conservation Corps to install stormwater landscape designs on lakefront properties. Homeowners need only purchase the required materials and the labor is free. This is an affordable, lake-friendly landscaping alternative that benefits the lake and protects your shoreline.
This grant also includes a septic system cost-share replacement program. Old and undersized septic systems are a major source of Phosphorus in the lake. If you think your septic system needs replacement call AWWA or visit their website to apply for cost-share funding. Four homeowners will receive up to $4,600 each to be used toward their septic system replacements. These are prioritized based on water quality impact and first come first served so please apply today or call AWWA to see if you qualify.

AWWA Contact Info:
(p) 603 473 2500


Hi all,
The bloom appears to have dissipated and guidance from the NHDES is that the alert status is discontinued. That being said, please remain vigilant and the guidance is you, children and pets should not enter the water if you observe a bloom. You can find more information regarding blooms at
In the meantime, the water looks good and we all hope to enjoy it during the upcoming warm weather.
Thank you,The PLA


Unfortunately, a cyanobacteria bloom has been observed in several locations around the lake today. It can look like green mats or you may see small flecks or stringers, which you may think is pollen. Photos are below. 
We cannot say if the water is safe at this time. Each individual needs to make the determination on whether to go in or not, but the guidance is to not go into the water if a bloom is present. It is particularly important to keep dogs and children out of the water when a bloom is observed.
We will be reporting this to the NH DES and will follow up as recommended.



Hi all,

Welcome to spring. A good way to start off the season is to read up on some interesting info from the Province Lake Association and other local establishments. The most recent spring issue of the Newsletter is now available for your enjoyment. We also posted the article written by Natalie Prentice in 1995 entitled “Province Lake – A History”. You can read both of them under newsletters above or at this link.