Members around the lake have been asking about a baby loon this year, here is a quick update.

We had a pair traveling about the lake this summer, and a third loon was observed a few times.  The nesting raft was put out in the Northwest corner of the lake in early May, and the pair visited it often, for about 6 weeks.   Finally, on June 27, they laid an egg, and proceeded to spend most of the time with one adult loon incubating, or nearby.  Sadly, however, during the overnight of July 2 – 3, something happened to the egg, and the next morning the loons were no longer sitting on their nest, or in the vicinity.  Speculation about what happened is that either they left the egg unattended for a while and a predator (e.g. muskrat, turtle, 3rd loon) was involved, or the egg lacked shell integrity and just broke.  But that is speculation.  We will never know.

AWWA Water Talks Presentation – June 20

When Good Lakes Go Bad, and What We Can Do About It”
We hope you’ll join us for our next “Water Talk” on Wednesday, June 20, 2 PM, at the Acton Town Hall (35 H Road at Route 109). Don Kretchmer, a Certified Lake Manager at DK Water Resource Consulting, will present “What Makes Good Lakes Go Bad and What We Can Do About It”. Learn more about the impact we have on the health of our lakes, and how we can become better lake stewards.

If you live on or near a lake you won’t want to miss this talk. Don will share interesting information about how lakes function and the easy things you can do to help keep them healthy.

“Water Talks”, a free series of presentations by experts in their fields, is a collaboration between the Acton Wakefield Watersheds Alliance, the Gafney Library in Sanbornville, NH and the Acton Public Library in Acton, ME.