This is a sequel to the 4 part series written by Thom Townsend about the 2 loon chicks we had on the lake in 2015. Thom wrote this in the spring of 2023 as a way of closing out the series, but also updating what has occurred since 2015. We hope you have enjoyed these. Thanks to Thom for documenting this. Also, thanks to Thom & Jan Townsend and Steve & Mary Craig for all their efforts in being our Loon advocates on the lake. Steve has for years been the keeper of the floating nest, making sure it is repaired each year and put back in in time for the mating season. Let’s hope we have a successful 2023!




A question was raised at the annual meeting about all the Canadian Geese on the lake and if anything can be done or is being done by the PLA or Province Lake Golf to help minimize them.  Unfortunately, like ducks, the Canadian Goose is a protected migratory bird and can only be hunted with a hunting license and stamp during the normal hunting season or with a Fedreal permit.  So, the short answer is that the PLA or golf course isn’t actively doing anything.

There are several things that we can do without a license or permit such as ….


Scare them off with loud noises.

Block their view of lawns

As part of the PLA’s mission we are to educate and communicate with our members and community information for the well being of the lake and the habitat of the lake.  As such, attached are a couple of documents for your reading pleasure that explains these majestic birds and things that can be done.  One is from NH DES and one from NH Lakes.  Note that most of this applies to ducks as well as they can cause water quality issues.



Canadian Geese NH DES Fact Sheet

Canadian Geese NH Lakes


Hi All,
It’s been a beautiful fall thus far and many of us around the lake are preparing for the upcoming colder months. Here are a few reminders we’d like to share.
1. Our last Rt 153 beach clean up will be next Saturday, Oct 16 at 10.00 am, rain or shine. It should take about an hour. We will meet near the entrance to the Donville Campground on Rte 153. Gloves and trash buckets/bags will be provided. Just bring yourself and the desire to help beautify our lakeshore after a busy fall. 
2. The dam boards at the Bailey Rd bridge will come out right after Columbus/Indigenous People’s Day. The lake level is still relatively high but may lower when the boards are removed.
3. NH Lakes has some great guidance about not putting leaves, leaf litter, cut grass and other ‘natural’ debris into the lake as it degrades water quality. More specific information is at this link
4. There is no nice way to dispatch those pesky mice and rodents that like to invade our homes, particularly during the colder months. It would be best if we don’t use rodent poisons and use some other method (a quick google search will identify a number of methods). We have an abundance of natural rodent predators at the lake (owls, foxes, eagles, hawks, bobcats, racoons) who can be easily poisoned by consuming rodents who have ingested the poison. Please be thoughtful in helping to maintain a safe environment for our wildlife while you winterize.

Thanks,The PLA


Hi all,

Welcome to spring. A good way to start off the season is to read up on some interesting info from the Province Lake Association and other local establishments. The most recent spring issue of the Newsletter is now available for your enjoyment. We also posted the article written by Natalie Prentice in 1995 entitled “Province Lake – A History”. You can read both of them under newsletters above or at this link.