Cyanobacteria Advisory Lifted – June 28, 2013

NH DES Lifts Cyanobacteria Advisory.

NH DES came back to the lake again today and took another sample of the water and took a look around.  If you are here, or when you get here, you will see that the water definitely looks better, especially at the boat ramp.  The sample came back and indicated a very slight level of cyanobacteria.  As such, DES has lifted the advisory for the boat ramp area and the rest of the lake.

That’s the good news, however, we all need to stay alert to how the water looks and/or changes.  The fact that they still got a low reading means that the bacteria is present.  With the sunshine returning (I hope) and the temps warming up (again I hope), the blooms could return.

So, keep your eyes open and if you see a heavy cloudy water area, let us know.  The picture below is what it looked like last week.  You can contact the Province Lake Association at 207-200-3234 or you can contact the NH DES hotline at 603-419-9229.

Other than that, let’s hope for some great weather this holiday week.  I am sure that many of you will be up enjoying your place for the week.  Don’t forget about the breakfast on Saturday the 6th … click here for the details

See you on the Lake!

Jon Samuelson

President, PLA

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