Hi Neighbors,

Summer is approaching fast, and for that we are all grateful. With the increased usage of the lake come responsibilities. We all need to contribute to protect it’s purity. I am referring here to the lack of invasive weeds.

This year we will have a monthly “patrol’ of the lakeshore to look for new or changing weed patterns. Weed watching is but one of many methods that the PLA is engaged in to maintain our weed free condition. Given that there are 11.2 miles of shoreline, we need to share the weed watching duties. I am currently recruiting volunteers who would be willing to survey a section of shoreline on a monthly basis and report in to me about their findings.

I hope to have enough interest from the entire lake community to be able to assign each volunteer the area in front of, or at least close to, your property. That should make it the most convenient for us all. The survey is general done by boat and usually takes approximately an hour (if we have adequate interest).

Having done this before, Donna and I have made this into a routine we do early in the morning, enjoying the peace and tranquility of the lake. It is also much easier to see into the lake and view the weeds when it is calm. After a few “weed watching rides” you become very familiar with the existing weed growths and the survey becomes routine. For any of you that want to volunteer, but are unsure of weed types, we at the PLA will be happy to train what to look for.

Reporting in will be done via Email (or phone if email is not available), so that portion will be quick and easy. The hope is that each volunteer will, in general, survey the lake in front of about 10 to 12 properties, or about 1000 feet of frontage. That may sound like a lot, but it can be done quickly. Of course, if we can get participation, the survey we each do will be minimized.

There are a few key areas we really need to focus on and those are where public use occurs. The boat launch on Bonnyman Rd., Route 153 beach area and Province Shores Campground are the most critical. If you can do any of those areas, please let me know.

Please Email or phone me with your interest and where you would prefer to survey. I will put a plan together and respond back. Thanks for your interest and participation.

Carl Davis                                    112remickcd@gmail.com                                                                                                            539-3344