Hi all,
Summer is arriving at the lake. It’s a beautiful afternoon and we know everyone is excited for the start of summer after a very challenging spring.

We are pleased to inform you that our NH Lake Host Inspectors will be at the boat ramp starting May 22. The State has deemed the NH Lake Host program to be an essential service. It is a NH Lakes requirement that social distancing, wearing masks and the use of sanitizers will be employed by the inspectors. Our inspectors will be keeping our lake healthy and invasive free while being mindful of your health, and we would ask the same of you as you utilize the boat ramp. Happy boating!

A friendly reminder that naturally occurring lake weeds should never be pulled up by the root systems. That disturbs the bottom sediments and allows phosphorus and other unwanted nutrients to be released into the water. The guidance from NH DES for aquatic vegetation is to leave it be, and not remove it. If it becomes problematic in a swim area or around a boat slip causing significant  problems, then a discrete amount of vegetation can be cut to open a narrow path. Any vegetation that is cut must be removed from the lake.

Enjoy the lake and be well.