Hi all,
It appears summer will arrive this weekend. Enjoy what looks to be a glorious summer weekend. We’d like to share a few items of interest to get you in the summer frame of mind.

Our membership mailer has gone out and we hope you will support the PLA as we work to keep our lake waters healthy. Your contributions make all the difference. You can also join on our website at

Our PLA apparel shop is fully stocked. You can design and select the items you want that show you are a Province Lake supporter at!/

We have a full contingent of lake host inspectors. They will be at the Towle Farm Boat ramp (thank you Towle Farm CC!) this summer to inspect boats coming into and going from the lake. This is so important in keeping those nasty invasive species out of our lake. Stop by and say hi to our hosts when you have the chance.

We will also be doing the weed watch cruises again. If you would like to be a weed watcher, send us an email. We can provide training and information to assist you in identifying any invasive weeds.

We will be doing our water sampling program in conjunction with the NH Lay Lakes Monitoring program. In addition to routine sampling, we will be on the alert for any cyanobacteria blooms, also referred to as harmful algal blooms (HABs). Attached is a very interesting video sponsored by AWWA Water Talks where Dr. Haney of UNH discusses cyanobacteria If you see a bloom, you can report it to NH DES by calling or texting the hotline at (603) 848-8094 or email , as well as contacting us directly. And remember, you can help mitigate against cyanobacteria blooms by keeping your septic systems in good working order, stopping erosion of sediment into the lake or drainage areas, not fertilising your lawns with high phosphate/nitrate fertilizer and not encouraging waterfowl with food handouts. Our partner, AWWA, has a number of programs you can check out for ideas and assistance at

Thanks for loving our lake!