PLA Members,

The cyanobacteria blooms we have been monitoring since this past weekend have unfortunately worsened.

NHDES has now issued a cyanobacteria advisory for Province Lake.

Signs are being placed around the lake at all public access points.

The NHDES warning is as follows:

“A cyanobacteria WARNING (ADVISORY) has been issued for Province Lake, Effingham/Wakefield. The sample reviewed today had cyanobacteria (Dolichospermum) in concentrations up to 504,000 cells/mL in areas of highest observed accumulations. Advisories are issued when cell counts exceed 70,000 cells/mL. NHDES advises lake users to not wade or swim in the water during an advisory. Please also keep pets and livestock out. The advisory is not based on a toxin evaluation and is intended as a precautionary measure for short term exposure.  

NHDES will resample in a week. I will reach out to you before then for updates. If you have information on where accumulated material is being observed at that time, please let us know to guide our sampling efforts. Advisories remain active until the bloom subsides.”


The PLA Board