Hello Province Lake Community, 

Unfortunately, NH DES came and sampled again today and found two out of 5 locations well above the state limit.  As such, the warning stays in effect and the signs stay up.  The official notification is below.  They will be back again in a week to test again.



Hi All,

A cyanobacteria warning has been issued at your lake, please see below for details.

WaterbodyProvince, East Wakefield and Effingham
Resampled (most recent sampling date)6/11/2024
Cyanobacteria TaxaDolichospermum
Cyanobacteria Density (cells/mL)1,549,333
NotesThe cyanobacteria density continues to exceed the state limit of 70,000 cell/mL, so the warning will remain active. Five samples from around the waterbody were enumerated. Two locations had severe bloom accumulations (reported above, and 483,750 cells/mL), while the other three had low cyanobacteria presence (1,200 – 9,800 cells/mL). The high bloom densities were observed on the south shoreline. A sample from the north shoreline had the lowest cyanobacteria density.

Please keep signs posted at public access points. NHDES will arrange for sampling again next week. Warning details can also be found on the Healthy Swimming Mapper. If you click on the warning symbol, you can see our most recent sampling date. When warnings are lifted, the red symbol for the waterbody will no longer be on the map. 

Please forward this email to other residents / community members who need this information. If they would like to be added to the email distribution list, please have them sign up through this form to be directly included on future communications from NHDES. If you prefer to no longer receive these sampling updates, simply respond, and indicate “unsubscribe”.


Kate Hastings and the CyanoHAB Team
Cyanobacteria Harmful Algal Bloom Program
Watershed Management Bureau, Water Division
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
29 Hazen Drive, P.O. Box 95, Concord, NH 03302-0095