Watershed Action Plan Q&A Document Available!

The Q&A doc we created based on the input from several members and other area folks in regards to the Watershed Action Plan can be viewed by clicking the link below.  The draft version of the Action Plan was created at a meeting in mid January.  In order to get input from those not able to attend the meeting we gathered comments, questions and suggestions via phone and e-mail.  Thanks to all that contributed.  Some of the comments/suggestions resulted in edits to the action plan and the attached is the answers to the questions that came in.  Several questions were similar, so the wording may not be exactly what an individual had asked as we tried to consolidate them.  As always, any further comments, questions, suggestions or concerns you may have in regards to the Watershed Plan or anything else are always appreciated.  There will be more coming in regards to the Watershed Plan specifically as we look to have the final report ready for the Annual Meeting on July 19.  Here is the link:

PLA Q _A summary April 2014