Free Septic Evaluations!

Do you have problems or concerns relative to your septic system? As part of PLA’s ongoing work to reduce the amount of phosphorus and other pollutants flowing into Province Lake, funds are available through the NHDES grant awarded to the Acton Wakefield Watersheds Alliance (AWWA) to conduct evaluations of septic systems around the lake.

These evaluations are totally free to the property owner. The evaluation will provide information to the owner as to what is necessary to make the system function in an effective and environmentally friendly manner.

Once a problem is defined, up to $3000 may be available to remediate the problem next year.

These evaluations must be conducted before the ground freezes or after the spring thaw. There is no need to be present when the evaluation is conducted. Only six more evaluations are available.

If you would like your property to be considered, please contact AWWA at 603/473-2500 or to see if you qualify.