Hello Everyone,

The PLA Invasive Weed Watch program needs your help in keeping Province Lake invasive weed free, now and into the future. We currently have 14 weed watch volunteers who visually inspect for invasive weeds along the entire lake shoreline but we are in need of more volunteers to ensure the lake remains invasive weed free. Please consider becoming a weed watch volunteer.

The weed watch program entails using a kayak, a canoe, or a boat to patrol assigned areas each month from June until September looking for invasive weeds. The methods used are either a zigzag method going from the shoreline toward the main lake body and back to the shoreline or a back and forth method going along the shoreline and going back and forth deeper toward the main lake body. We have found that visual inspection is easier in low sunlight and is best in the early morning or late afternoon.

Please consider volunteering for this important task by contacting me at tavye@msn.com or calling 603-475-5691.

Tucker Vye
PLA Invasive Weed Watch Coordinator